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When Nifty Earth happen upon our musical habitat, the whole forest gathers for a taste of adventure. Their latest single "Glisten" inspires exactly that: a wandering sense of buoyancy paired with serene melodies and trip-hop vibrations. It's like a videogame with a side of organic worldly rhythms; seductive, profound, and tranquil all-in-one.

Athens, Georgia outfit Nifty Earth deliver a global sound self-dubbed 'Worldtronica'. Through balanced percussion and swirling asiatic hues, "Glisten" goes deep into the audibly arcane, bearing resemblance to ODESZA while maintaining originality via futuristic synths. Joseph Thrash, producer of Nifty Earth, describes his latest as a "musical interpretation of a waterfall. Calm and refreshing when small, yet epic and awe-inspiring when large." See if you agree with Thrash by copping a free download of "Glisten" below!

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