• Oliver


"Holla" - a standard greeting used across the expansive realm of The Beatforest. Inhabitants found along the coastal region often call out this term over the oceans roar in hopes of catching the ears of passersby. One such bard by the name of LANKS has taken this ritual to new heights, transforming the hail of "Holla" into a ballad of rich distortion, enticing instrumental blends, and velvety vocals.

Produced in part with long-time collaborator Andrei Eremin, "Holla" is the third single from LANKS' forthcoming "Viet Rose" EP. The tune flips between downtempo piano melodies and stuttering kicks, hi-hats, and sub-basslines. It's glued together by LANKS' buttery vocals, falling into reverie every time the Australian singer courts the seas. Pre-order "Viet Rose" at iTunes for it's October 14th release date and stay tuned for more from LANKS in the coming weeks!


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