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Floating high above the tallest peak sits Los Angelean duo EXES. Unknown to many - yet a favourite of those that venture deep into the forest - the musing sounds from Allie McDonald and Mike Derenzo can regularly be heard weaving through the dew covered treetops and foggy morning haze. Their style exudes serenity, matched in talent by the dreamy vocals and anthemic instrumentals of each song released.

Thus far, EXES have self-produced and liberated five chart-topping singles, four of which set to grace the duo's upcoming debut EP "The Art of Saying Goodbye." Their new single "Dear, Home" is the fourth of six from the release, loaded with sparkling electronic textures and longing lyrics. "It's a song dedicated to the pieces of my heart I left back East," says Allie. "The parts of me still beating in that small town where I grew up. As nostalgic-romantics, it is one of the most personal songs we've written.” Get hyped for "The Art Of Saying Goodbye" with the twosomes new single below!


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