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Like a bird that nestles safely in the treetops, Sparrows finds solace in the lofty alcove of our musical woodland with her new single "Get To Know You."

Lyrically cadent and ferociously wistful, "Get To Know You" marks the Sydney songstress' first step into the downtempo-pop realm. Sparrows marries sophisticated instrumentation from a variety of genres, cohesively blending avant-garde sampling into rich electronic textures and jazzy vocals. The result is a mellifluous euphony, loaded with samples from the soloists creative archive - including a stapler, lighter and ping-pong ball - which sits between hazy dream-pop and ambient neo-soul. "Get To Know You" dawned after Sparrows attended the Return To Rio Festival in New South Wales, Australia. "I found myself in a magical setting where the sun was setting on partygoers in wacky costumes," says Sparrows. "There was a fox, a swarm of smurfs urging a panda to skull a shot of Listerine and a pirate with a tutu. We were all together in our own special world of weirdness. I got to think, who are all these amazing people? The beauty of this entire setting was that we had the freedom to express our identities and be accepted in all of our states of existence and that’s what has inspired this song.” Get inspired with Sparrows by streaming "Get To Know You" below!

(Photo Credit: Nick McKinlay)

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