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Within The Beatforest's inward glade sits a thicket of blushed roses delicately pruned by the sweet voice of WALLACE. Her dulcet trill caresses the roses each day, animating the blooms through soulful timbre and tropical melodies. Every so often, out of the blue, WALLACE decides that she's had enough of whoever's been lurking around the rose bed. The next thing you know, the roses have been raffled and there's no turning back.

Moral of the story? Don't cross WALLACE or you'll get raffled. Or rather, your "roses" will get raffled. Based out of Sydney, Australia, WALLACE (alongside producer Sampa The Great) brings her fifth official single into the limelight. "Raffled Roses" carries a unique lyrical and vocal composition, floating somewhere between the stylings of Shingai Shoniwa (of Noisettes) and Amy Winehouse. Bolstered by the success of her previous collaborations and singles, WALLACE's renown is projected to continue well into 2016 with her debut EP set for release later this year. Stay tuned for more from the kiwi songsmith and listen to "Raffled Roses" below!


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