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Today is a big one. Not only is it Halloween (the most terrifying day of the year), but today marks the official launch of our brand-spanking-new website! Everything has received an overhaul and we've put special attention on integrating Spotify to give you full-access to our NEW playlist series which showcases some of the world's hottest, undiscovered talent! The new site features include a user-friendly and intuitive design, as well as hyper-speed load times and a whole new way to submit music (via. SubmitHub).

On top of our new website features, we are now on SPOTIFY! This is a huge step for our blog as it helps us meet the needs of you, the readers, while allowing us to stay relevant in an increasingly cutthroat community of music lovers. Through this new venture, we hope to better support artists by increasing their playcounts (more plays = more money) and curating genre-specific playlists with new music you will love. We know that everyone loves a good playlist without the hassle of having to make one, so we hope you enjoy our new #BEATSOF series!

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