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Vulnerable and rhythmic, Seavera's second single "Parallel And Repeat" threads balanced vocals with minimal soundscapes and bitter emotion. Nuanced by their debut single "Caving," the new track finds Seavera launch into a poetic style brimming with baroque temperament. While the lyrics bear a sense of melancholy, the melody provides contrast through heavenly vocals and imaginative production. “We envisioned the song creeping inside the walls of an old cathedral and tried to imagine what it would feel like if it were overtaken by the elements of the earth," says Seavera. "‘Parallel and Repeat’ is an impassioned offering, within it a constellation of frustration and hopefulness, a confrontation with fear, and an open confession to the people we have tried to love.” Fall head over heels for Melbourne duo Seavera and listen to the new track below!

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