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Don't look now but a new beatmaster has arrived to the forest who goes by the name of Cliftonia. His arsenal of hyper-smooth melodies makes him a new contender for big boss of the bass game, serving up a fresh-to-death single titled "I'm Looking For" that has us gagging for more. Filled with frenetic breakbeats, deep basslines, and 90's-esque ambiance, "I'm Looking For" gives off that 'IDGAF about genres' vibe. Assembling deep house, jersey club, future bass, and soulful textures all-in-one, the new single not only demonstrates Cliftonia's dexterity as a budding producer, but his creativity as an artist to watch in the coming year. Catch "I'm Looking For" on our #BEATSOF: THE BASS Spotify playlist and listen to the tune in all of its glory below!

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