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To layer one's truth within the words of a song is one of the most influential things a songwriter can do. It inspires sentiment and warrants major respect. This is the feeling that Tye James' debut single "LIES" puts forth, and it's that same raw passion that gives this song so much to stand on. Wrapped around antiquated instrumentals and James' notable falsetto, "LIES" provides an in-depth look into the struggle of realizing who you are. It's a ballad of professed inner-turmoil, told by a singer whose story is just beginning. "The song paints a picture of a young man coming of age and coming to terms with himself. It is, at once a heartfelt lamentation and a rallying cry - proclaiming a universal truth: be yourself." Snag a free download of "LIES" on Soundcloud below and listen to the debut single from Tye James on our BEATS OF: THE INDIE playlist here!

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