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The long awaited third album from ODESZA has officially arrived

"'A Moment Apart' moves into expanded sonic and psychic territory, seamlessly balancing organic and layered synthetic sounds, creating a dreamy, often stirring hybrid that owes as much to Motown and ‘60s surf music as it does to electronic forebears such as Four Tet, M83, Gorillaz and Bonobo. But it’s not just the duo’s uncanny technical acumen at manipulating sounds that has landed ODESZA in the upper stratum of electronic music. Their immense impact stems from the emotions they elicit from their captured and constructed sounds: the powerful synths, the dynamic chord progressions that open into sweeping cinematic soundscapes and shimmering sonics, punctuated by ecstatic, thumping percussion."

Listen to the full album below and catch "Show Me" on our Spotify playlist: BEATS OF THE BASS.


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