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Upon releasing their debut album "Felt Mountain" in 2001, vocalist Alison Goldfrapp and keyboardist/production wiz Will Gregory have continuously produced quality records, each one sounding quite different from the other. From eerie trip-hop, to sleazy, buzzy electronica and even pastoral folk, the duo are continuously changing styles in order to save themselves (and listeners) from boredom. This past week, Goldfrapp released their seventh studio album "Silver Eye," yet again proving just how versatile, bold, and overwhelmingly underrated they truly are.

"Silver Eye," as a body of work, is an excellent record that is both hard-hitting and sweepingly beautiful all at once. First track and lead single “Anymore” is classic Goldfrapp - a dirty, sexy, crunchy synth number that pulls you in from the very first note, resulting in probably one of the best songs of their career. The album begins with a one-two punch, with second track “Systemagic," featuring ABBA-like vocals in the chorus and a roaring bass line that makes this track another standout. Mid-album tracks like “Faux Suede Drifter” and “Zodiac Black” deliver experimental electronic production from The Haxan Cloak (who worked with Bjork on her most recent album). which focus more on atmosphere than immediacy, but still just as easily pull you in. Another highlight is “Moon in Your Mouth,” where Alison Goldfrapp flexes her opera-trained voice over a pounding beat, resulting in the most cinematic track on the album. If ever you were to think that Goldfrapp are old news, I’m here to tell you that the band never actually lost their sound. They remain one of the most underrated acts in electronic/dance music today. "Silver Eye" proves that the duo are still in fine form Don't let this album slip under your radar. Watch the video for "Anymore" below and listen to the lead single on BEATS OF THE INDIE here!

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