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The Elwins keep it loud and colourful on new LP, "Beauty Community"

If you're a fan of well-produced indie rock with soaring pop hooks and a lead vocal that can melt hearts, The Elwins are about to become your new best friends. Following the success of previous releases, the Keswick-based four-piece present their third full-length release "Beauty Community." It's an album contrasted by The Elwins' buoyant pop style wrapped around hidden themes (life, relationships, and belonging). "In the end, Beauty Community is the work of an experienced unit - a band of brothers who know when to push each other out of comfort zones. There's plenty here for Elwins faithful to cling to but also tasteful explorations that shed new light on the band."

Listen to the full album below and catch the playful "Hocus Pocus" on our Spotify playlist: BEATS OF THE INDIE.

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