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Koronis Unveils "Circuits" in Celebration of Record Store Day


Electronic circuits and acoustic vibrations: these contrasting, yet vital elements of modern music are the focus of "Circuits." Composed and recorded by New Zealand multi-media artist and composer Koronis, "Circuits" is a full length concept album that explores the relationship between organic acoustic recordings and electronic waveforms. "It's an exploration of how instrumentation can relate and contrast experimental electronics," says Koronis. "I (recorded) various piano recordings, strings, guitars, and organ laced with electro-magnetic waveforms and raw oscillator tones." The result is a truly remarkable and moving composition that breaks the barriers of the contemporary classical world's dissonant and theoretically technical stereotypes.

Comprised of five tracks (A1, A2, intermission, B1, and B2), "Circuits" is intended to take listeners on an interactive journey. While you may choose to listen on Spotify or Soundcloud, a physical copy of the album is also available for purchase on Bandcamp here and includes both a digital component and a 7" vinyl. "The 7” is home to tracks A1 and B1," says Koronis. "Although each individual track is meant to stand alone in its playback, one can also layer the songs over one another to create a larger composition. The recommended complementary tracks are: A1 to A2 and B1 to B2."

Released on April 22 in celebration of international Record Store Day, Koronis' "Circuits" is a true gem and a must listen. Play "A1" on BEATS OF THE CHILL here and explore the entire album below!

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