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WORLDS share vintage psychedelia with debut single

"WORLDS is the musical partnership of Erica Driscoll, the Brazilian-American songstress and voice behind indie-pop royalty Blondfire, and LA scene musician Anthony Polcino, who currently churns out colorful psych-pop with his solo project Antoine Diligent.

While Polcino was filling in on guitar duties for Blondfire over the last year, he and Driscoll began collaborating on the side due to a shared love of like-minded influences, citing British, Brazilian, and Italian dance, new wave, and rock music of the late 1970s and early 80s as major beacons of inspiration. After several successful writing sessions combined with the added shall we say, fondness of a mutually enjoyed cannabis strain, WORLDS was officially conceived."

Listen to WORLDS' debut single "Good Shit" below and on our Spotify playlist: BEATS OF THE INDIE.


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