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Turn up the Volume on Hillside 2019 with Our Festival Playlist

Ontario is heading into Summer with the promise of yet another HYPE Hillside Festival and this year we're back with yet another HYPE festival playlist! From earworm-producing artists like Fast Romantics and Wild Rivers to legendary folk musicians Bruce Cockburn and Steve Earle (as well as a slew of electronic acts we can't wait to see), the Hillside lineup is - you guessed it - HYPE from start to finish. Without further ado, we are proud to present BEATS OF HILLSIDE 2019 👇

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"Hillside Festival is a three-day, five-stage event with a broad artistic vision that emphasizes diversity: of culture, of musical heritage and style, of age, geography and influence." Located on the outskirts of Guelph, Ontario (in the heart of Guelph Lake Conservation Area), Hillside is a music festival dedicated to community and undiscovered talent, something which is rare in today's monster music festival circuit.

To find each song we got cozy with the lineup, hand-picked 2-3 songs from each artist, and fused it all together into a 150-track playlist ready for Hillside! Not all artists featured on the lineup have music on Spotify, so we supplemented that deficit with extra songs from those who are. Word to the wise: there are a few explicit songs with explicit lyrics nestled into the playlist, so please be advised that we told you so. 😉 Turn up the volume & enjoy this playlist courtesy of The Beatforest!

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