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The theme of the day is 'Women's Empowerment," but honestly, shouldn't we be celebrating and empowering women every day? While you can be sure we'll be featuring our favourite female power acts over the course of this week and beyond, today we have something a little different. Some of you might remember indie rocker NONA who graced the forest last summer with his indie-pop single "Otherways." While the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has been busy working on his new EP slated for release later this year, he's also been cooking up something special that brings together three of our favourite things: Charity, Indie Rock, and Beyoncé.

In response to yesterday's callous GOP Obamacare replacement that threatens to defund Planned Parenthood while simultaneously restricting abortion coverage, NONA has recorded his own version of Beyoncé's "Hold Up" from the critically-acclaimed album, "Lemonade." It's a guitar-heavy, equity-positive anthem that bridges the gap between the excellence of Beyoncé with the more underground elements of indie rock. Accompanied by an impressive music video that sees NONA vibe along a similar progression to the original video, the record is served with an added promise to donate all proceeds of sales to Planned Parenthood (matched by NONA's new label WAX LTD).

"The video adds this whole other realm of creative potential, and really depicts what my goal was from the start, which was to pay respects to those working to affect change." Check out the video and do your part for Planned Parenthood by streaming on Spotify below or buying the new single on iTunes. "Hold Up" is also now available to stream on The Beatforest's Indie Spotify playlist, found here!


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