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Inc. no world (formerly inc. / teen inc.) is a duo from Los Angeles consisting of brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged who create subtle, heartbreaking, and R&B-tinged songs for the lonely. On the final stop of their brief North American tour, the band performed in Toronto at The Baby G and it was nothing short of brilliant.

Void of any tricky stage set-ups or gimmicks, the Aged brothers performed to what shouldn’t have been such a small crowd, proving that their talent goes beyond what is produced in a studio. Playing songs from their 2013 LP “No World” and their more recent 2016 release “As Light As Light,” the brothers displayed their bluesy, soulful jams to the crowd with ease. Andrew’s vocals were delicate yet emotive, and Daniel’s bass playing definitely set the mood for what was a very sensual set. Their sound is rooted in Sade/D’Angelo-type R&B (including past collaborations with FKA Twigs), but inc. no world stand alone and continue to prove that they are an underrated talent in today’s music world. If you should get the chance to see these talented brothers perform live, please do and thank us later. Turn your lights down low, light a candle or two, and be sure to check out a few of their tracks below.

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