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Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue Revive The Old School One Jam at a Time

Craving something funky, fabulous, and retro-fantastic? Take a dip into the groovy netherrealm of Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue from Brooklyn-native Eric "Doc" Mendelsohn. Emulating falsetto-focused disco inspired by the 80s, 90s, and beyond, Doc captures what its like to be a lone wolf in an increasingly deserted genre. His Frank Zappa-like aesthetic, paired with vocals akin to Marvin Gaye and Prince, dive deep with nostalgia; exploring "themes of vice, ego and heartbreak through tragic characters who can't help but get in their own way." Listen to Doc's slew of originals below and catch his latest single "Something Special" on our Spotify playlist: BEATS OF THE FUNK.

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