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Ella Vos Gets Personal in "You Don't Know About Me"


Though her music career is only just beginning (with four originals, a remix, and a cover exclusive to Spotify), Ella Vos is making serious waves in the music industry. Based in Highland Park, Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter mixes politics with pop in her latest single, "You Don't Know About Me." Throughout the tune, Ella Vos' soothing vocals float above the elements that define her personal sound: deep bass lines, minimal synth textures, subtle layers of acoustic instruments, and melodic vocal chops. In addition, Vos' profound lyrics are an essential element to each of her tracks, as they discuss her own powerful personal experiences (including her insight into life as a young mother) and political beliefs (read more about her political inspiration for "You Don't Know About Me" via Pigeons & Planes here).

Listen to "You Don't Know About Me" on our Spotify playlist BEATS OF THE INDIE or listen on your favorite streaming platform below. You'll quickly come to understand why Ella Vos is an essential addition to your daily playlist.

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